Monday, July 23, 2007

After a long break....

I 'm back from a wonderful 2-month trip to India. Finally I'm settled and up and about cooking and snapping pictures of my dishes and my garden too.

As soon as I came back, it was time for harvesting my veggies. I planted 6 potato bulbs in March and I harvested them after I came back. Boy, I kept digging out potataoes like crazy. There were so many, in all sizes and the final result was approx 5 pounds of potatoes.
I happily distributed them among our friends. I have enormous number of chillies and I keep plucking them fresh whenever I need. I have lots of tomatoes growing too. They haven't ripened yet.

My first post after my long break is dedicated to my garden. It is potato fry made with home-grown potatoes. It is a simple and well known recipe.

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